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Electrical Service Upgrades

Today's gadgets and appliances easily overload electrical systems in many older homes which could be easily corrected with a service upgrade. An electrical service upgrade can protect the value of your home. Not having enough power is not just an inconvenience - voltage drop offs can actually damage sensitive electronics so having plenty of power is crucial to the electrical system in your home. The standard for household power used to be 60 amps, but modern homes may need as much as 200 amps to run air conditioners, heat pumps, electric heat, on demand hot water heaters, computer equipment, high-definition televisions, and more.  Most modern ranges are capable of drawing 50 amps alone.  Electrical service upgrades are a speciality of Home Style Electric.  After discussing your current needs, we can advise you what amperage upgrade would best suit your present and future needs and we take care of the full installation of an upgraded panel including dealing with Nova Scotia Power and obtaining all the necessary permits. 

Panel Changes

Home Style Electric is a local industry leader in changing out old fuse panels with new breaker panels. Your electrical panel is crucial to the safety and longevity of your electrical system. An older breaker may not safeguard your home like a modern electrical panel, leaving you vulnerable to major electrical issues. Older panels are rarely expandable, so installing heat pumps or many other new electric devices may require a panel change in order to ensure a safe and reliable installation.  Whether you need an inspection, rewiring, electrical grounding or a full panel replacement., call Home Style Electric for all of your electrical needs.

Pot lights

​Pot lights are a speciality at Home Style Electric.  We can help you decide the best position and the number of pot lights required for a room to give the best effect. A dimmer switch adds another "softer" dimension to the room as well.  A few correctly positioned pot lights can change the entire look and feel of a room and the installation of pot lights is one of the most cost effective ways to update your home. Pot lights can add both ambient lighting and task lighting to any room. Predominately installed in the kitchen and living room, people are realizing now that they are also effective and beautiful sources of light in basements, bedrooms, hallways and outside of your home.

Kitchen Renovations

​Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place that families spend a large amount of their time. Home Style Electric is able to provide all of the electrical services for a small alteration or a complete​​ kitchen renovation to make your kitchen functional, bright and comfortable. From under cabinet lighting and 3 way switches to LED lighting, pendant lighting, appliance re-wiring, task lighting, pot light installation or outlet repositioning, let us bring light and comfort and convenience to the heart of your home.

Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom fan vented to the outside?  It should be! Do you require a GFCI outlet for the safe use of hair dryers and small appliances in the bathroom? Would some new lighting make this important place in your home more comfortable?  We are also able to install in-wall heaters for added warmth in the winter.  One customer said that her fan forced electric heater in the bathroom was one of the best investments she had made in her home and completely changed the feel of her bathroom.  Sometimes a new light fixture can change the look and feel of the bathroom.  Home Style Electric would be happy to help with any bathroom renovation.

Aluminum Wiring Remediation

The main problem with aluminum wiring is the deteriorating connections. Although properly maintained aluminum wiring is acceptable, aluminum will generally become defective faster than copper due to certain qualities that are inherent in the metal. Neglected connections in outlets, switches and light fixtures that contain aluminum wiring can become increasingly dangerous over time.  Poor connections cause wiring to overheat, creating a potential fire hazard.  This is where Home Style Electric, a trusted residential electrical contractor, can help put your mind at ease. A complete home re-wiring is not always the only choice.  Home Style Electric can "pig tail"  the electrical connections making your home safer.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can save energy and increase the comfort of your home in the summer. In hot weather, ceiling fans create a cool breeze. You can turn the thermostat up a few degrees in the summer to save energy and money on cooling without compromising any comfort. Ceiling fans also keep cool, conditioned air circulating so that it does not become too damp or stale.  Home Style Electric provides expert, detail oriented ceiling fan installations.  Ceiling fans are highly effective in kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms and vaulted ceilings.

Surge Protection

A surge protector is a device designed to protect a home's electrical devices from voltage spikes.  A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electrical device by blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. Unfortunately, many people have discovered that a surge of electricity can easily damage or even destroy a computer or television or iphone if it is charging at the time. Replacing electronics is a time consuming and costly proposal.  At Home Style Electric, we are able to mount a surge protector right on to your electrical circuit breaker panel so that every electrical device in the house will be protected from any power surges.

Home Generator ​- Generlink

Don't be left in the dark or cold when there's a power outage. Generlink, alongside a home generator is able to easily, safely and effectively supply power to your home in the event of a power outage. Generlink is a product that is installed outside behind your meter.  When used in addition to a home generator, a Generlink provides homeowners with the flexibility of a portable generator to operate any appliance in the home.  Contact Home Style Electric if you are interested in finding out more or to see if this product might be right for you and your family.

Outdoor/Security Lighting

​To enhance curb appeal or to light up darker areas of your outdoor space, Home Style Electric is able to install outdoor lighting around your home. Motion sensitive lighting is also a popular addition for people's peace of mind during the evening hours.

Selling a Home


​Selling your home can be stressful, so making the process go a little more smoothly is the aim of Home Style Electric.  If your home has a 60 amp service, it may be very difficult for a future buyer to obtain home insurance which may prohibit them from buying your home.  A electrical service upgrade, in this case, may be an excellent investment as it could make the sale of your home much easier.

Do you have an outdoor receptacle that isn't working? Would you like to update the look of a room by installing pot lights? Is a electrical panel change required from fuses to breakers?  These are just some of the electrical issues that we can take care of to help your home sell more quickly. 


Home Style Electric has the knowledge and know-how to troubleshoot any electrical problems. Do you have a repeated electrical issue such as a breaker always tripping or a fuse blowing in your panel?  Are there burn marks on your electrical receptacles? It is always safest to act sooner rather than later when it comes to electrical issues. Call a trusted residential electrician like Home Style Electric to come over and take a look at any potential problems.  One quick phone call could save you time and money.